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    Dedicated to Kimmi Smiles : )

    Kimmi, you are a real inspiration to me, you chase your dreams and reach them, i really love you channel, and i hope that when you watch this video response, you will reply to it,…

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    To Kimmi Olive You, Stupid Dares

    Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GotClav… This video is for Kimmi smiles we love you Kimmi please do a response!, Joe Parker and Dechlan Picken do stupid stuff all around warrnambool trying to get Kimmi’s attention.

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    Alana’s message to Kimmi Smiles

    Alana saw Kimmi on the UStream live feed with Dave Days this evening and here is what she wanted to say to Kimmi. Please keep in mind that this is her message for Kimmi…not Dave.…