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Published on February 20, 2013 with 12 Comments

KimmiSmilesOfficial.com GuestBook

If Kimmi Smiles ever visits this website, what would you like to say to her?

You can write anything you wish, Simply comment below!


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  1. Kimmi i love you SOO MUCH! Your my favourite Youtuber, your my favourite singer, your the best singer ever! Best PERSON EVER! Most Beautiful Girl Ever! Seriously Everythign About you i Love soo Much! Your My Favourite youtuber and always will be! Olive You!


  2. Hi Kimmi
    Im your biggest fan , you help me through the hard times I’m going through at the moment, you are my idol. I also write keep smiling on my wrist cause of you.

    Keep Smiling


  3. I actually discoverd her resenly. Today actually.so i dont now much about her can someone tell me about her PLEASE!!!!!(; she has a amazing voice and I love all her vids<3. so I am officially a smily now!!!!!

  4. hi kimmi im a newbie on watching ur vids. also on this site but hi. u are like me i always stay positve if i can that is. I don’t have a motto like you but I try to find one but I truely thought u were British when i frist heard ur vioce after ur videos sorry. U are the coolest girl alive AND u survived the zombies lol. HAVE a smileing summer kimmi love you P.S keep makeing vids please in your words KEEP SMILEING BYE.

  5. OMG! i love you so so so so so so so much i want to meet you :) Keep Smiling Kimmi

  6. Heyya kimmi I love you so much. Can you tell me how you manage to stay so positive all the time because I am normally a very positive person but people are starting to see how much life is affecting me and I don’t know how to convince them that I am ok so they will leave me alone. I have never loved talking about my feeling because I have never really had anyone to share them with. I never thought anyone cared. I have tried I really have but there is only so much pain I can hide behind my smile. But people dot realize this.

    Love you so much. Xxx
    Perth, Australia. .

  7. im english and i absoulutly love you and so do all my friends i showed them your obsession with one direction and now they watch like all your vidios. :)

  8. Hey kimmi. I love your covers and songs, thank you for makinv my day ^^ 3

  9. nice kimmi :) you have gotten so much better, with every new video you post! keep up the amazing work! :)

  10. Hi ! You’re so cute! You remind me of Chachi Gonzales :)

  11. omg… Kimmi, you don’t know how much I appritiate you doing these things, I love your videos and I’m just like you allways smiling, but people, don’t know what I was thinking about few years ago, and these thoughts still come back sometimes… you are an amazing person, hope to meet you one day, and don’t change =) xx lots of love from Slovenia, Europe


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