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I Tried To Kill Myself | Kimmi Smiles – The Official Fan Site

I Tried To Kill Myself

Written by kimmismilesfansite. Posted in Kimmi Smiles 2.0

Published on January 02, 2013 with 4 Comments

You’re not alone. I promise :)
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  1. hi kimmi I tried to kill my self to because my dad died wen I was 7 and I am only 13

  2. I tried to kill my self too!!!

  3. And my little brother**** I dislike spelling things wrong :(

  4. Kimmi I’m fifteen and I’m feeling almost the same way. My life has been hareder than most because I’ve constantly moved because my father is in the US Army. Since i have an older sister whose eighteen well almost (June 30 is her birthday) anf my little brother whose twelve, my parents don’t have time for me unless i do something wrong, and I’ve thought that if i wasn’t here anymore that my parents wouldn’t have to worry about me making mistakes for attention.

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