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MyPage | Kimmi Smiles – The Official Fan Site


MyPage is a web service provided by KimmiSmilesOfficial.com, that allows you to host your own Kimmi Smiles Fan blog on our website. You can create your own url (mypage.kimmismilesofficial.com/yourname) and add your own posts, images, gallery as well as having complete control. This service was launched on previous fan sites which is (already hosting hundreds of blogs already!).

Once your blog is complete, you can e-mail us or submit a ticket through our site and we can add your blog link onto our site! Please note however, that users should use this blog service which relates to Kimmi Smiles only, it should not be used for any other purpose. Any illigal material & explicit content on your blog will result in your blog being terminated and banned from KimmiSmilesOfficial.com permanently. Legal action may be taken if you abuse your blog and a penalty charge may occur.

To get started, use the following link to create your first blog or use the link to login if you have a previous account. Also note that these login details are different from your KimmiSmilesOfficial.com login details.

MyPage is currently scheduled to be launched in: July 2013